This year’s China Joy, consistently the biggest Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) convention in Asia Pacific, recorded the highest attendance since it began. More than 108,000 people attended, an increase of 27,000 from last year. Although Virtual Reality has been of great interest to game developers in the recent years, this year’s ChinaJoy attendance reflected a more prolific line up of industries.

Etoron’s VRADX, the only VR and AR Digital Marketing Platfrom that operates across North America, Europe and Asia, is in the forefront.

VRADX provides the first truly native VR & AR marketing experience. After a soft launch last year, VRADX unveiled its VR & AR marketing solution in ChinaJoy by allowing the public to get fully immersed in VRADX’s VR environment.

What is supposed to be a sheer announcement of VRADX’s formal opening turned out to be a groundbreaking moment for the VR community. The demonstrations shed light into some of the most important VR and AR marketing insights.

Everyone that tested VRADX’s platform completed the demonstration and fully explored the environment, including the ads. This proves that VR users are willing to be immersed with ads as long as it is native to their VR experience.

The subsequent survey conducted after the demonstration further revealed that users interaction with the ads are much more intimate, retaining and understanding the message delivered by the ad and actually responding to the ad’s call to action.

The crowd’s interest in VRADX’s demo paved the way for other advertisers, many are from North America, initiating exploratory talks. VRADX’s capacity to creative native marketing solutions and strong presence in Asia, especially China, ensure advertisers a foothold on the market often out of reach even by global products.

VRADX will be releasing the result of the study conducted during ChinaJoy in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, enjoy the photos.

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