Etoron’s Founders, Sandy Shen and William Guan, recently paid a visit to Archiact for some discussion on future projects. While we cannot disclose what we have grilling, here are some photos.

Etoron’s and Archiact’s relationship goes a long a long way with Shen getting involved in some of the early years of Archiact. The partnership will forge on as both are working on maximizing the future of VR. Although most popularly used for gaming, VR is now proving its potential on other fields such as military training, medical research, physical rehabilitation and education.

We will share more in the future but for now, bask in the beautiful view from Archiact’s office and our founders’ VR adventure.

IF you haven’t already, get your VR game going.


moinstall-archiact-virtual-reality moinstall-archiact-virtual-reality-2

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