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VRADX’s Study Reveals Tourism and Car Industries will Benefit from VR Advertising the Most

Los Angeles, CA – VRADX’s (, the global Augmented and Virtual Reality (VR & AR) Ad platform under Etoron Technologies, conducted a study of 715 consumers who tested VR for the first time during last August’s ChinaJoy. The study revealed that more than 35% of VR users are most interested in experiencing tourism-related ads such as beaches, forests and city hotspots. Tied at second place with 18% are car-related and war-related ads.

“We get ideas on where and how to spend vacations based on what we read and see online but we travel because we want to experience a place. VR gives us the chance to experience a place before we get there. We can check out the hotel room, see how clear the water is in a resort, check out how spacious a car is and others,” a respondent stated.

Other major findings are:

  • 79% remembered brand names, specific product features and ad messages proving VR ads are more than just a novelty. (See accompanying infographic)
  • 64% are willing to purchase products and services they tested within VR if they can
  • 8 of 10 of those that are willing to purchase products and services within VR are males

“The key lies in allowing VR users to interact with the products and services being advertised. They aren’t just looking at a poster or watching a 30-second TV spot. They can open a car door and check out the dashboard. A real estate agent in California can let prospective buyers that are in Australia see houses they are selling. Consumers see results even before purchasing a product,” said Sandy Shen, co-founder of Etoron.

This is the first global study that tests how AR and VR ads can change a consumer’s purchasing process.



VRADX fully operates in North America, China, Russia and Europe making it the first truly global VR and AR ad platform. It recently partnered with Original Force and Lions Gate for the first VR-based movie promo for the movie L.O.R.D. ( The promo revealed how VR & AR can actually extend and strengthen the connection between the movies and the viewers by creating a venue where viewers can interact with movie characters, further explore storylines and experience movie locations.


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Fairlane Raymundo

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Sandy Shen

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A global Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR & AR) brand.

Oct 3, 2016

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 3, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Etoron’s VRAD (, a global Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR & AR) brand, is creating history as it launches the first VR-based movie promotion for the full-length CG movie, L.O.R.D. (Legends of Ravaging Dynasties), in cooperation with producer, Original Force (OR), and distributor, Lions Gate Entertainment.

L.O.R.D. is one of the most anticipated movies of the year as it is officially the first attempt to a full-length realistic CG movie. OR, also producers of the How to Train Your Dragon TV series in partnership with Dreamworks, reached out to VRAD to create a VR-based movie marketing campaign that will immerse the viewers to the movie’s actual environment. For more info and photos, click here.

VR has always been celebrated for its possibilities but doubted when it comes to actual delivery. VRAD’s campaign for L.O.R.D. sheds some light as it demonstrates just how VR can involve the audience in an experience not just through games but by creating a truly native universe.

Through its intimate partnerships with the biggest VR developers in China, it was easy for VRAD to transform the entire scenery to a L.O.R.D.-themed milieu. This gives the audience a chance to experience the movie and not just watch it. This campaign introduces a new phase in movie marketing and possibilities of how the entertainment industry can truly enhance audience experience through VR.

“This new high quality media delivering service by VRAD truly wowed our users. Our users found themselves ‘in the movie’, interacting with the actors up close. It wasn’t just about entertainment, it is about making people a part of it all,” Jian Chen said, CEO of Wise Vision, one of China’s biggest manufacturers of VR hardware.

The campaign is also fully scalable and measurable. There are different campaigns designed to fit the technical limitations of different devices and ensure accuracy of data. The sophistication of VRAD’s data management will provide producers a deeper understanding of their audience.

About VRAD: VRAD is owned by Etoron Technologies, Inc., a Business Intelligence company. It has two main headquarters, Canada and China, making them the only truly global VR & AR advertising platform. It has built its business developing partnerships with VR & AR developers instead of merely providing VR & AR advertising platforms.

Etoron’s VRAD Emerges as the VR Ad Platform Global Leader

Sept 21, 2016


LOS ANGELES, Sept. 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — VRAD (, a brand under Canada-based business intelligence revolutionaries Etoron (, proved that it is the only VR (Virtual Reality) & AR (Augmented Reality) digital marketing solution that is truly present in North America, Russia and Asia including countries impenetrable to many multinationals such as China.

Operating two main headquarters, one in North America and another in China, VRAD managed to forge intimate partnerships with 80% of the biggest VR & AR developers in China. This includes the likes of Nibiru, known for its widely adopted VR system solution for VR HMD hardware in China. This translates to major daily VR user cohort and steep Asia VR user base growth in VRAD’s way.

“It’s hard enough for advertisers to get traditional advertising in countries like China, let alone execute truly native campaigns consistent with their regional marketing strategy. VRAD’s intimate partnership with publishers across all borders and deeply embedded business processes don’t just give them access to the market, they will ensure advertisers can develop and run campaigns that are globally consistent and adaptable. They can customize their campaigns and have full control over it during execution,” said Sandy Shen, co-founder of Etoron.

Brands partnering with Etoron will not just enjoy a superior technical infrastructure but the relief of having a company that knows the political and economic nuances necessary to operate in the country and run marketing campaigns.

VRAD’s participation in last month’s ChinaJoy, the biggest VR & AR convention in Asia Pacific, confirmed its position. VRAD conducted demos in cooperation with Nibiru and other partners. Aside from getting some of the biggest brands’ attention, other US-based mobile and VR advertising platforms are requesting partnership with VRAD.

About VRAD: VRAD is one of the most revolutionary VR and AR digital marketing solutions in the world. As opposed to just being an advertising platform, VRAD develops total marketing solutions in close partnership with developers and advertisers. VRAD customizes their solution to the needs of the publishers and advertisers.

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Sandy Shen
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Moinstall’s Mobile Platform Directly Connects Audience to TV Shows & Advertisers

June 20, 2016


Moinstall, an ad tech brand under Etoron based in Vancouver, Canada, launched a TV and mobile integration platform that allows native ads in TV Viewing experience and for capabilities to make products and contents shown on the TV show available to viewers for purchase immediately.

Partnering with WeChat, one of the biggest mobile communication platforms in China, and INTV, Moinstall’s platform is now powering some of the most successful shows in China for different purposes including, but not limited to:

  • integrating pure native ads to TV audience through TV to mobile experience
  • Reporting and analysis of viewers without compromising user identity for advertising effectiveness, TV ratings or content analysis
  • Intimate and measurable engagement of TV audience with content and content creators
  • Providing capabilities to make the products and contents from TV shows available to consumers as soon as products are shown or played on TV

How many times have you seen a dress being worn by one of the actresses and not know where that came from? How many times have you heard a song being played and not know who sang it let alone purchase it? How many times have you seen a beautiful resort being used as a location in a TV show and not know how to book it?

Sandy Shen, co-founder of Etoron, said, “We started out purely as a mobile advertising platform but consumer behavior directed us beyond advertising towards multi-screen integration and even further into new media. There is so much research about how consumer experience spans through different screens but this is the first system that directly links TV and the audience.”

Moinstall is a Private Marketplace (PMP) solution provider that benefits consumers, publishers and advertisers. Their platform could change the way smaller businesses and independent musicians reach the market. They could also change how TV audience discovers new products. Advertisers will get more accurate engagement of their consumers and publishers can get more accurate feedback from their audience.

About Moinstall: Moinstall (, an Etoron Service Brand, offers private ADN/PMP solutions for both advertisers and publishers, especially for new medias. They are aiming to use their enhanced BI solution to guide businesses in making better business decisions. They have offices in Canada, US, China, and Europe.

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