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How Virtual Reality Could Be Content Marketing’s Next Big Trend?

Consumers are very eager and show favorable response to VR. According to a survey conducted by YuMe, about 60 percent of 800 respondents who tried VR believe that it created a more positive view of the brand. As virtual reality gains more users, it is only logical...
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Virtual Reality Live Concerts: The Future of Music Industry

Faye Wong, the “Heavenly Queen” of pop music in China, recently performed in a live concert in a stadium crowded with 10 thousand audiences in Shanghai. For those who cannot buy a ticket to enjoy her long-awaited voice, the concert was also streaming in live...
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Best Uses of Virtual Reality in Marketing

VR can provide the most intimate product experience to consumers. Companies should not think twice in adapting to this newest tech innovation in marketing their brands. Why use virtual reality in marketing One word: Engagement. According to a research report by...
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The Current and Future State of VR Advertising

From custom app-based based experiences to 360 surround videos, VR now serves as another platform for publishers to advertise their creative contents. Advertising content is not just seen but can also be experienced by the viewer with the help of VR. A travel...
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What can we expect to happen to virtual reality in 2017? From Virtual Reality to Reality With a capital investment amounting up to $700 million or so, the virtual reality dream has finally taken off and became a reality. Big companies such as Oculus, HTC, Sony...
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How Much Will Virtual Reality Cost?

When the Oculus Rift and Vive VR headsets first made the news as the mass market representatives of the Virtual Reality platform, the main complaint that people had was the price. The headsets themselves cost a hundred or so shy of a thousand dollars, pricing...
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How Word Lens Made Science Fiction’s Universal Translator a Reality Through AR

In the globally popular British TV series called Doctor Who, there is a time machine fitted with a universal translator, which translates any information it comes across into a language that its occupants will understand. Similar concepts are also present in Star...
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Is Virtual Reality the Future of Fitness?

Let’s face it: while there are many individuals who fail to put in the necessary amount of daily exercise due to time constraints, there are more individuals who simply aren’t motivated enough. Once again, technology is the answer. With proper application of...
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Nanjing Software Expo Brings Together Top VR Execs

Leading Chinese VR technology experts, investors, and companies converged last September 5 in the 12th Nanjing Software Expo to discuss trends and challenges facing the virtual reality industry. Using the theme “Made in China 2025 and “Internet+,” this event...
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The Difference Between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

New users frequently use the terms Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality interchangeably. The confusion is understandable. After all, both technologies have the amazing ability to alter people’s perception of the world, and in some cases both use hardware that...
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